Somehow I was expecting this game to be great, since it finally went back to Raccoon City, and specially because it takes place during RE2 and 3, the best games of the series. In truth, it was rather disappointing. All the more so because most of the problems were due to lazy work, and the game could had been so much more. The squandered potential was enormous.

Bad pointsEdit

  • It's a bad console port. That's the biggest and most obvious let down in the game, and it's ultimately the source of a great deal of the problems with it. Just look at the bottom left side and you'll see the directional pad on the screen. Yeah, they didn't even bother to remove that, great job.
  • Bad UI navigation. Another minor annoyance caused by the bad port is how unintuitive the UI navigation is. Any PC user would expect to hit Esc to go back and leave the current screen. But the game thinks it's cool to use backspace for going back screens, and Esc to leave them. Finally, instead of allowing to use the mouse to do things, they often force you to use the keyboard instead. Like e.g. you have to press B to buy/upgrade weapons, D to display statistics, etc. Makes sense that they used the first letter for the command right? No, because those keys are out of the way in the keyboard. It would be easier to just use the damn mouse for that, but nooo, they don't allow that.

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